Virtual church

St Michael’s Church, Lichfield

In March 2020, the Covid19 crisis caused the rapid movement of many church activities at St Michael’s, Lichfield, where I am an Associate Minister, to various online platforms. This page contains links to the following activities in which I have been involved.

  • Material that was meant to be delivered a Lent Workshop at St Michael’s church in Lichfield in March 2020. This was to be the second in the series “Caring for God’s creation” and was entitled “Who is my neighbour? Climate Change and Global Impact”. A fuller discussion of the issues can be found in the blog post Global Warming and the Church – the way ahead.
  • A number of meditations, sermons and bible studies, which are also posted on the St Michael’s web site.
  • Some blog posts addressing issues associated with the Environment and the Covid Pandemic.

Caring for God’s creation

A handout of the PowerPoint slides that were due to be used the workshop can be found here. These should open in separate window. A commentary on the slides can be found here in the form of a blog post. This format allows for online discussion using the discussion facility at the end of the post. I would like to encourage all who would have come to the workshop to use this facilty so that we can share thoughts and ideas.

Workshop slides

Commentary on slides

A video presentation of the slides is also given below.

Virtual Church blog posts


The presentation in this video should have been delivered at a Lent Workshop at St Michael’s church in Lichfield in March 2020. However the Covid19 lockdown intervened and the presentation was never delivered. It is presented here so that church members and others can, somewhat belatedly, hear what I intended to say. It addresses the issue of climate change and what should be the response of the church and of individual christians.
A meditation produced for the congregations at St Michael’s church in Lichfield and St John’s church in Wall for Good Friday 2020, at the start of the covid19 lockdown, when services in church were no longer possible. This can also be found on the St Michael’s church Youtube site
This presentation was given as a Bible Study at St Micael’s Church Lichfield in May 2020 as part of the “Living our Easter Faith series”. Through a study of various bible passages, it considers what the first Christians thought the resurrection of Jesus was all about and what they did about it. This can also be found on the St Michael’s web site.
A sermon recorded for St Michael’s Church Lichfield for Pentecost 2020. It was based on Acts 2.1-21 and John 7.37-39.
This is the presentation from the first of a series of Bible Studies on Philippians