St. Michael on Greenhill, Lichfield – a history. Bibliography

Much of the basic information found on this site has been taken from three sources – two volumes of the Victoria County History and the early nineteenth century work of Thomas Harwood. All are available on line.

In addition, much use has been made of the UK census collection and material relating to St. Michael’s at Staffordshire Records Office

The short church history of Carpenter has also been used.

  • Carpenter Rev. (1947) “St Michael’s Church, Lichfield. A short history”, revised by J. Baker (1982)

Place name evidence was taken from the work of Horovitz.

  • Horowitz D (2005) “The Place Names of Staffordshire”, published by D Horovitz, Berwood

A number of sources were used that are not available on the web. These include the following.

  • Basset S (1981) “Medieval Lichfield: A topographical Review”, Transactions of the South Staffordshire Archaeological and Historical Society, XXII, 93-121
  • Basset S (1992) “Church and diocese in the West Midlands; the transition from British to Anglo-Saxon control”, Pastoral Care Before the Parish p. 13-40
  • James T (1998) “The development of the parish of St Michael-on-Greenhll over 1500 years”, St Michael’s Papers; number 1, St. Michael’s PCC
  • James T (1999) “St Michael’s dedication, associations and imagery”, St Michael’s Papers; number 2, St. Michael’s PCC

Finally, for those interested in the celebrations of the ritual year, the following book by Ronald Hutton is a good read.

  • Hutton R (1996) “The Stations of the Sun – a History of the Ritual Year in Britain”, Oxford University Press