St. Michael on Greenhill, Lichfield – a history. Part 4. Churchyard stories

Part 4 is rather different in style and content to Parts 1 to 3. Rather than a historical narrative it tells the story of a range of those who lived and worked in the area and are buried in the churchyard. It is arranged as follows.

Chapter 1. St.   Michael’s churchyard – an introduction to the churchyard and its layout

Chapter 2. Civic stories – the stories of some of those who were prominent in the life of the city: the Bailiff Edward Finney, the Jacksons of Wall, the Adies of Pipe Hall, and William Durrad.

Chapter 3. Ecclesiastical stories – the long serving parish clerks of the sixteenth century, William and William Clarke; the ecclesiastical lawyer Chancellor Thomas Law, and four long serving rectors of the parish, Thomas Gnossall Parr, James Serjeantson, Otho Steel and Percival Howard.

Chapter 4. Military stories – Colonel Peter Petit, and Corporal John Brown from the nineteenth century, the Commonwealth War graves memorial and a small selection of those it commemorates from the 20th, and also Elizabeth Logan, a nurse who is buried in the churchyard, who served with Florence Nightingale in the Crimea.

Chapter 5. Creative stories – the artists of the Petit family, and the sculptor Robert Bridgeman.

Chapter 6. Tragic stories – the last men to be hanged in Lichfield, a family killed in a house fire and two deaths in a wartime railway accident.

Chapter 7. Postscript – some other, untold stories that illustrate the pain of illness and bereavement