Area D and Clusters e, f, g, h and i


The monuments in Area D and clusters e to I, to the south and east of the church, are in general in good condition and quite readable, although the clusters can become overgrown at times (figures 1 and 2).

Figure 1. Area D

Cluster e Cluster f

Cluster g Cluster h

Cluster i

Figure 2 Clusters e, f, g, h, and i

Figure 3 shows a photograph taken in the very dry weather of Summer 2022, that shows, through variation in grass colour, the path that was present in 1967 leading through areas AB, D and E from the north to the south of the churchyard.

Figure 3 The path from area AB to areas D and E shown in the 1967 survey, during the very dry weather of Summer 2022

Notable graves and monuments

Figure 4 shows a number of the more notable graves in this section.

  • The graves of the extensive Treadgold family, which includes the most recent interment in the churchyard (in March 2022) for which a Faculty was required from the Diocesan Registrar for interment in a closed churchyard;
  • The slab tombs of the Pinches family;
  • The chest tombs of the Hodgson family;
  • The cremated remains plot of a long serving rector, Percival Howard (Rector from 1913 to 1947, d 1955)

The Treadgold graves

Pinches graves Hodgson graves

Howard grave

Figure 4. Notable graves and monuments in Area D