Area F and Clusters p to s


The in-situ graves in area F, at the front of the church, are mostly in reasonable condition, although there are a small number that cannot be identified with a named burial (figure 1). The monuments in the associated Cluster p are almost all readable (figure 2). This cluster contains small stones alongside the path at the west end of the church, and stones that have been moved to the garden area at the base of the tower. The gravestones in Clusters q, r and s are also in the main in good condition and readable. As with all the clusters, clusters p to s become overgrown quite quickly and are periodically cleared.

Figure 1. Area F

Cluster p Cluster q

Cluster r Cluster s

Figure 2. Clusters p to s

One of the “graves” in Area F is probably an old water trough rather than a grave (figure 3)

Figure 3. An old water trough?

Notable graves and monuments

This area contains (allegedly) three of the four scheduled monuments in the churchyard. The first of these is described by Historic England as “Gregory headstone approximately 10 metres north west of porch” but can no longer be found. The second of these is the Saddleback Monument with an inscription that is very worn and cannot be read. This grave features in a nineteenth century drawing that is in the William Salt library. That drawing gives the date of the grave as 1674, and with a little imagination this can be made out on the tomb itself. Apart from the date, it is the style of the grave that makes it so distinctive. The third of the scheduled monuments is the Adie grave, which commemorates Richard Adie (d 1807) and a number of members of his family (figure 4).

The memorial of John Neve, William Wightman and James Jackson in the flower bed at the base of the tower. These men were found guilty of forgery and were hanged at the gallows at the junction of Tamworth Road and London Road. This was to be the last public hanging in Lichfield. The gravestone denotes only the initials of the three men, with the date June 1st 1810.

Saddleback grave

Adie monument Hanged men headstone

Figure 4. Notable monuments in Area F