Area K and Clusters w, x and y


There are a significant number of in-situ graves scattered around the large wooded area K.. Most are quite readable and accessible. This is also the case for the gravestones in Clusters w and x, although the latter is somewhat overgrown and access difficult in places., Cluster y by contrast is difficult to access (which is only possible from the north) and many of the gravestones are in very poor condition.

Area K

Cluster w Cluster x

Cluster y

Figure 2 Clusters w, x and y

Notable graves and monuments

  • The 17 Larkin graves with around 40 burials – the relatives of the poet Philip Larkin.
  • Cluster x contains the only identified metallic monument in the graveyard – a small unidentified iron cross

Larkin grave Larkin grave Iron Cross

Figure 3. Notable graves in Area K