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While the other pages on this site contain material that makes the claim that it has been properly researched in at least a rudimentary fashion, this page is an exception. It contains links to a miscellany of blog posts that give my thoughts and ideas on subjects and events that interest me in one way or other. They are in general very provisional and preliminary but may, to some extent, interest and perhaps enthuse readers.

Blog posts

A brief look at the incidence of Covid-19 in UK universities. An attempt to look at the incidence of student Covid-19 infections in relation to Institution size, and national age group infection rates, using October 2020 data. Many dubious arm waving assumptions involved.

Journeys by rail and coach – a reflection on a recent long distance multi-modal journey and how it could have been improved.

Leisure travel by rail after the pandemic – some thoughts on how the GB rail netwrk may structure itself after the current pandemic

More to follow ………