International Wind Engineering Seminar 4: Developments in Bridge Aerodynamics

Thursday January 7th 2021,12.00 UK time

Main Speaker

Prof John Owen, School of Engineering, University of Nottingham, United Kingdom, Bridge response to transient wind events – field measurements and modelling 

Short presentations

  • Prof Steve Cai, Louisiana State University, Time domain simulation of turbulence effects on the aerodynamic flutter of long span bridges.
  • Prof Claudio Mannini, University of Florence, Nonlinear modelling of self-excited forces for a long-span bridge under turbulent wind
  • Prof Ole Andre Øiseth, Norwegian University of Science and Technology. Lessons learned from long-term wind and acceleration monitoring of the Hardanger Bridge.
  • Prof Luca Caracoglia, North Eastern University, Boston, Relevance of Uncertainty Quantification to Study Wind Load Variability and its Effects on Long-Span Bridge Aeroelasticity



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Speaker biographies

John Owen

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