Engineering studies

Over the course of my career, I have primarily worked in three technical areas – Train Aerodynamics, Wind Engineering and Transport and the Environment. There is considerable overlap between these three areas. Blog posts and links to recent papers  and student theses in each of these three areas can be found using the buttons below. The paper details are in general inked to publishers’ web sites, and the thesis titles to online depositories at the Universities of Nottingham and Birmingham.

CFD calculation of flow around a train

I have worked in the field of train aerodynamics since my time at the Railway Technical Centre in Derby in the early 1980s, and have carried out research on trains in cross winds, slipstreams, pressure loading, drag etc. for the rail industry in the UK and around the world.

Crop failure in high winds

I have also worked in the field of wind engineering and bluff body aerodynamics throughout my career, largely concerned with the intermediate wind speed range between the low wind speeds of relevance to ventilation and wind energy studies, and the high wind speed range of most relevance to structural design. Thus the main thrust of my work has been in the fields of sustainability and resilience – how to make structures and infrastructure and agricultural systems safe, reliable and fit for purpose.

Lorries blown over

My technical work in the transport area is mainly in the environmental field – resilience to extreme weather, effects of climate change and air quality considerations in particular.

The three further buttons below link to a textbook on Train Aerodynamics published by colleagues and myself in 2019, including details of how to obtain a copy; a series of international wind engineering seminars I arranged in conjunction with the IAWE in 2020/21 to help keep the community in touch during the Covid lockdowns; and to a number of video presentations in my three technical areas.