Ecclesiastical Studies

This page includes material that is “ecclesiastical” in nature i.e. to do with church. This includes both the theological and biblical (in terms of blog posts, sermons and bible studies, a prayer trail) but also more technical material (on environmental issues, Covid in churches) and churchyard tours . It does not include historical material to any great extent – this can be found elsewhere (mainly for the church of St. Michael on Greenhill in Lichfield).

Blog posts

The changing face of death. A blog post introducing a statistical analysis of the interment records and monuments of St Michael’s churchyard in Lichfield from 1813 to 2012, looking at the changes in funerary patterns over that period. (February 24th 2023)

Measurements of carbon dioxide concentrations in a church. A post describing some measurements of Carbon Dioxide concentrations in St. Michael’s church in Lichfield on May 15th 2022 (May 24th 2022)

Eschatology, environment and evangelism. A rare theological blog post from me, suggesting ways in which eschatology and care for the environment may be used in evangelism (January 10th 2022)

Covid-19 – how risky are church services? A look at the risk of Covid infection in one church – St. Michael’s in Lichfield (July 27th 2021)

The calculation of Covid-19 infection rates in churches. An application of the method of Jimenez and his group to the specific case of Covid infection in churches. Includes a downloadable spreadsheet (July 12th 2021)

Church and churchyard guides and tours

During lockdown I produced some “tours” of St. Michael’s church and churchyard, together with a Church search for children and a Prayer trail around the churchyard. They can be accessed from the buttons below


One of the outcome of the 2020/21 lockdowns was the need to move to online worship. The method adopted by St. Michael’s in Lichfield was to use the more interactive Zoom platform rather than simply passive streaming via Facebook or YouTube. This resulted in very few sermons actually being recorded. Some recordings were made however and three of my offerings are given below.

The church also ran several series of online bible studies that I contributed to, and some of the sessions were recorded. A number of my offerings are given below.

The first presentation below is from the very early days of lockdown – a recording of material I was meant to present at a Lent course on environmental issues that never actually happened. The second is from November 2022, a lecture given in church as part of an Eco Fortnight.

Finally the presentation below concerns the Shaping for Mission project – an attempt at pastoral reorganisation within Lichfield Deanery