The Baker Family Tree

Alice Maud (Rich) and Sidney James Baker (Paternal Grandmother and Grandfather)

On this page and those that are linked with it, I set out my ongoing work on my family tree. In its entirety it is unlikely that it will be of interest to any except close family, but many of the names and linkages will also of course be part of the family trees of others, and the information presented here may be helpful to them, in the same way that the work of others has been helpful to me.

On the linked pages I give details of the four trees beginning with my grandparents. I have not included any information of mine or of my parent’s generations, firstly because some of the latter are still alive and their privacy is important, and secondly my numerous cousins may well not want details of their parents to be made available over the web. The story of these generations will be for others to tell at some stage in the future in a more objective way than I can, and they will not be considered further here.

I present the trees in the standard way, with brief details of name, birth and death date and birth location, for my direct ancestors. The four trees can be found at the following pages. 

I give fuller details of each individual, including where possible details of children, occupation and residence in the pdf below.

Note that there are two Baker trees – Baker was my mother’s maiden name as well as her married name.  On each page, I will present the various trees and sub-trees (which readers will probably need to enlarge to see clearly) and a narrative describing some interesting aspects of each tree.  The names in each tree are all given a number, for example 5.3, where “5” represents the generation from my grandparents (counted as 1) and “3” the number of the entry from the top of the tree in that generation. The latter is numbered assuming that all the members of that generation are named, which is of course not the case for the earlier generations, so there are gaps in the numbering.

Two points of caution are appropriate here. At the point where the trees reach the sixth generation from my grandparents, information usually comes from parish registers. There is often doubt about which entry applies to any particular person, due to a correspondence in names (and because my ancestors were generally very unimaginative in this regard!). I have included only those entries that I am reasonably confident about, but even with (say) a probability that I am correct of 80%, when this level of confidence is repeated through entries in just three generations the probability that the last entry is correct falls to less than 50%.  Secondly I have learnt the hard way not to use information from other family trees that is not sourced and thusall the information presented comes from various parish and civil registration indexes and from censuses. This limits the extent of the tree somewhat, but gives a greater degree of reliability to the earlier entries.

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  • This version was uploaded in February 2023 with some additional information from Anthea Baker, whose contribution is gratefully acknowledged.