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The links given below are to the publishers’ web sites, where the abstract can be read and the publication downloaded with the necessary permissions. Alternatively the final pre-publication of many (but not all) of these can be found the Birmingham Electronic Paper Repository here.

K. Dobney, C. J. Baker, A. D. Quinn, L. Chapman, 2008, Quantifying the Effects of High Summer Temperatures due to Climate Change on Buckling and Rail Related Delays in south-east UK, Meteorological Applications 16,2, 245-251

A. D. Quinn, M Sterling, A. P Robertson, and C. J Baker, 2008, An Investigation of the wind induced rolling moment on a commercial vehicle in the atmospheric boundary layer,Proceedings of the I.Mech.E Part D, Journal of Automobile Engineering 221, 1367-1379

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A Hickman, C J Baker, X Cai, J Delgado-Saborit, J E Thornes, 2018, Air Quality Evaluation at Birmingham New Street Railway Station, Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part F: Journal of Rail and Rapid Transit

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C Baker, D Soper (2019) The calculation of the overturning wind speed of large road vehicles at exposed sites, Institution of Civil Engineers Transport Journal 

J Thornes, A Hickman, C Baker, X Cai, J-M Delgado-Saborit, A Quaiyoom (2020) Proposed Interventions to Reduce Noxious Air Pollution at Birmingham New Street Station, ICE Transport Journal, Paper 1900061

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H Hemida, D Soper, M Entezami, A Bordbar, Z Liu, Z Guo, C Baker (2022) CLEAR: Air Quality on trains – HVAC and Exhaust Interactions Study T1234, Full report, Railway Safety and Standards Board. Available from RSSB SPARK database

J M Delgado-Saborit; S Lim; A Hickman; C Baker; B Barratt; X Cai; A Font; M Heal; C  Lin; J Thornes; M Woods; D Green “Factors affecting occupational black carbon exposure in enclosed railway stations” Atmospheric Environment Volume 289, 119301,

Transport PhD theses

From the University of Birmingham Thesis Repository

K Dobney, 2010, Quantifying the effects of an increasingly warmer climate with a view to improving the resilience of Great Britain’s railway network: Is a new stressing regime the answer? 

M Anyala, 2011, Investigation of the impact of climate change on road maintenance

A Hickman, 2018, Air pollution at transport interchanges

O. Isimenmen (2020). The future resilience of the UK Trunk Road network.